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Do you agree to be photographed during your employment(for both cards and ORNA promotional products and marketing)

Do you agree to give ORNA two weeks notice when you resign or accept any final monies due at minimum wage?

List below additional, current or formal employee references (not personal friends)

Emergency Contacts

Providing the information means that you give ORNA permission to contact all names listed below if necessary

Applicant: Please read the following:
This is to inform you that a background investigation will be conducted as part of your pre-employment processing.

I AUTHORIZE all former employers, listed references, law enforcement agencies and courts, credit bureaus, academic institutions, or other sources of information pertaining to me to release and deliver such information upon request to Screening Link acting on behalf of ORNA.

I AUTHORIZE ORNA to conduct a criminal history search, and other background checks already enumerated above or as otherwise required, through Screening Link.

I understand that employment with ORNA or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries is contingent upon successful completion of the pre-employment background investigation. I acknowledge that if I provide false, inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information it may result in my being terminated at a future date.

I also release ORNA its affiliates, subsidiaries, employees, trustees and agents from any and all claims and liability related to or arising from my pre-employment background investigation. I further release any and all parties providing information in connection with my pre-employment background investigation from any and all claims and liability related to or arising there from, and all such parties are authorized to provide any information requested by ORNA in connection with the pre-employment background investigation and to rely on this release as if they were a party hereto.

I understand I may request access to the results of the criminal record checks conducted in connection with this background investigation and that I will be given an opportunity to address any findings that would negatively impact upon my being offered employment.